8th Capitular District
Royal Arch Masons

R∴ E∴ George R. Thompson (277) DDGHP
thompgr at gmail.com
V∴ E∴ Richard P. Freeman (254) AGL
E∴ Alexander D. Brannan (277) Charity Chairman
607-432-4811 alexbrannan at hotmail.com
R∴ E∴ Kim C. Dellow (29) Education Officer
607 745-1299 kim.c.dellow at gmail.com

Capitular Degrees

Mark Master Degree

This one of the most important Degrees of the entire York Rite system and is considered one of the most instructive in all Freemasonry. Amplifying the Fellowcraft Degree and containing lessons of value in all walks of life, it portrays the encouraging truth that though we art often misunderstood, under- rated and traduced, there is ONE who will make the rejected stone the Head of the Corner. It explains the manner in which the ancient operative craftsmen were known and distinguished in receiving their wages and derives its name from the Order of Mark Master or an advanced class of Fellowcrafts who each possessed an individual "mark" which they used to designate their own work.

Past Master’s Degree

This was once a part of the Symbolic Degrees of the Blue Lodge and originally conferred only on those who had served as Masters of a Masonic Lodge, is truly a sublime ritual of mental and spiritual "preparation" for the earnest seeker of further Light in Masonry. Those receiving the Degree are designated as "virtual" Past Masters, as distinguished from "actual" Past Masters. Here, as an indispensable prerequisite to exaltation in the Royal Arch Degree, the candidate is taught that he must first learn to obey before he can rule, and to govern himself before he can govern others.

Most Excellent Master Degree

This is based on the completion and dedication of King Solomon's Temple, from which the idea of all Masonic symbolism originated, this is a significant and spectacular Degree. Here, the Temple, begun so auspiciously and halted so dramatically in the Third Degree, is finally completed.

Royal Arch Degree

This is the climax of Ancient Craft Masonry and Masonic symbolism, this Degree is a story of Jewish history during some of its darkest hours. Based on the subject of love of Home and Country, its lessons are those of Service and Fortitude. It teaches the ultimate triumph of Truth over all forms of superstition and error, proper respect for the Deity and His works, and the worship of the one true God, under whatsoever name He may be worshipped. Here the TRUE WORD, and all that it symbolically signified, is revealed. Therefore, this Degree is really indispensable to every earnest seeker of Masonic Light and he who attains it is truly "Exalted".

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