At the October 2012 OS&DMC and O-S District Ass'n (M&W) meetings we decided to create a new website and get Google Apps to help support our efforts.


Not sure what lodges are members of the Charities Corp, especially for Delaware, so please review

The plan is to have a set of web pages for the charity and each body in the Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Masonic Districts and area concordant and appendant bodies.

Most of http://o-sfreemasons.blogspot.com/ is here; still need to grab articles.

As we get under way, I'll be giving seminars to the members you appoint as "webmasters" who will be given Editor permissions. We do not wish to be responsible for entering content for everyone, it's just too easy to do it yourselves. If you need help with special formatting or setting up special content, we will assist as needed.

A couple lodges have requested sites and a template is set up for them:
These are shorthand names and can be given an alias in the structures for normal display.
If you create new pages, use the Add Page field & button; won't see this unless you have permission. Start the page name with your lodge/chapter number.

We will create more structures as they are requested.

Test/edit as needed, you probably can't break it beyond something I can't fix (don't try too hard). See Help.

Google Apps

Not yet available other than what we've already set up for https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/o-sfreemasons and OneontaMasonry at gmail.com.

As a 501(c)(3), Google will provide Google Apps for free. Each organization and select users will be given a gmail account enabling primarily e-mail, calendar and docs. This has additional features such as read e-mail feedback. We can store and share documents and share calendars.

I have been unable to determine if we are officially a 501(c)(3) registered with the IRS a well as NYS. We may be 501(c)(10) or something like that.

https://osdMasons.org and http://oneonta466.org now point to a server at the Oneonta Temple.

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